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USA & Union Made Products For Patriots & Politicos! 
Choose from a selection of products—from Campaign Signs and Buttons to Car Magnets, Bumper Stickers, Hats, Tees and Totes—all Union made, using products Made in the USA! We are also here to support Democratic candidates at all levels throughout the US—with wholesale pricing and custom products we can create for other candidates or your campaign office.

No minimum purchase is required. Actual shipping cost will be added to each order.

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  • To inquire about pricing or products we might design and produce for your specific candidate, group or campaign.

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“We The People” Playing Cards

Democrats Playing Cards Image

52 unique cards and 2 jokers with instructions to Drain The Swamp through Impeachment or Treason.


  • Words from the U.S. Constitution & Acts of Congress
  • Quotes from Supreme Court Judges & Court rulings
  • Affirming ideas from Progressives & Democrats
  • Dogma from today’s Republicans & Conservatives

Give to friends, purchase to resell or use to raise campaign funds!